What is Church Membership?

We believe that local church membership consisting of baptized believers is how we identify with the visible church. For more information check out the Membership Covenant and the Church Constitution (Article V).

Membership Process

We are so happy you are interested in pursuing membership at Deer Park Fellowship. Here is how you can begin that process:

1. Email us at "" to let us know of your desire to pursue membership. From there, one of our elders will reach out and make themselves available to you.

2. If you haven't already, listen to our sermon series that works through what we believe and how we function as a church (see below). We have attached a workbook with commentary to help guide you as you listen to the sermons (see below).

3. Let one of our elders (preferably the one who reached out to you) know you're ready to proceed with a meeting to become a member. Come prepared to discuss (a) your testimony (b) your baptism (c) the gospel and (d) any questions regarding the theology and philosophy of the church.

4. Sign our constitution and membership covenant. As members of DPF, we consider our membership covenant and resign it annually together (in January).

What We Believe (The 1689 LBCF)

This sermon series works through various Scriptures that are the theological underpinnings of what we believe. We subscribe to the historic 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

How We Function (Building the Church)

This is a short sermon series on how God's Word shapes the way we function as a church. Our theology should drive our philosophy.

The 1689 LBCF - Workbook

Includes questions and commentary corresponding to each sermon in the "What We Believe" Sermon Series.